January 23, 2011

Pet Peeve of Mine

Among things that bug me, news headlines that are poorly written. 

Today online at a Spokane news station... 

"Family Attacked by Hammer Asking For Community's Help."  

Really? There is a homicidal hammer on the loose? And it's asking for the community's help? Should I be afraid of other tools as well, or is the hammer working alone?


  1. And why would a hammer asking for community help attack a family anyway? lol!

  2. Maybe the hammer is related to the Traveling Shovel of Death? Maybe it's a gang of tools gone bad!

    At least the hammer realizes it needs help.

  3. I think the community should help the hammer. I mean, it is asking, so maybe it's remorseful for attacking the family. Perhaps the community could get it into a good tool rehab program.

  4. LOL! Very nice everyone!

    @glynes, I used the Traveling Shovel of Death in November. Desperate times...

  5. LMAO!! You guys are cracking me up! "When tools go bad - tonight, on 60 Minutes" LOL!

  6. LMAO @Steven! "Tools abusing common items found in homes and hardware stores. Could your tools be sniffing WD40 and going mad? Find out more tonight on Dateline."