December 31, 2008

A New Year, A New Blog

So here I go with my new blog. This isn’t the first one I’ve done, but it is the only one that is simply about what is happening in my life and things that are on my mind. I've been inundating my out of state friends and family with a constant stream of e-mails about the happenings in Spokane. Rather than continuing to fill your in boxes, y'all can come here and check out what is going on.

Today is the final day of 2008. I hear echoes of people everywhere shouting, “Hallelujah!” Personally, I have high hopes for 2009. This will be the year I finish my book and let people read it (really). It will be the year I lose a little weight and exercise a little more regularly (I’m shooting for healthy, not skinny). I will increase my savings and decrease my debt. Most importantly, I will make a huge effort to look at the positive side of every situation and work on being more optimistic. Wish me luck!

Now for an update. For those who don’t know, yesterday provided a little excitement at work when a roof guy who was there to check out the snow level on our roof told us to leave the building immediately. OK. First, when you tell a group of women they have to leave a building immediately, the word immediately becomes relative. Second, a solitary man is no match for a group of bull-headed women on a mission. While he was afraid of the roof falling on our heads, we were worried about the photos and priceless treasures that decorated our offices. So we began packing our valuables into bags and boxes. Poor roof guy, I know he thought we were crazy. But at the time, it seemed very reasonable to us that we needed to find boxes and bags for our things. We even took the time to box up the pictures and mementos in our vacationing boss’s office. It was only once we were outside that we thought perhaps we should have also grabbed some files and important documents. I asked if I could go back in, but roof guy said no. In case you’re wondering what I deemed important enough to risk my life, here’s a picture of the items.

A Texas flag, Texas magnet, Texas saying on a board, Texas bluebonnet plaque (I sense a theme), an angel snow globe, vitamin C (cuz it isn’t like I could buy that anywhere), assorted toys (slinky, squishy ball, etc), photographs I’ve taken, and a purple dinosaur named Petunia. What would you save from your place of business if given only a minute to clear out?

Fortunately for everyone in Spokane, today gave us very little snow and highs above freezing. Yahoo! We still have snow next to the driveway piled higher than my head, but it is a little shorter than it was yesterday. Tomorrow we’re expecting another big round of snow. Since tomorrow is the first day of the year and one of my goals is to be positive and optimistic, I’m going to close today’s entry with this: The city plows have done an excellent job of keeping the street in front of my house clear and I’m grateful. The snow is giving me a chance to exercise and get a little fresh air during a time when I would otherwise be bundled up on the couch watching a movie or reading, eating something fattening. I’ve actually lost a couple of pounds with all the shoveling. So there you go.

Happy 2009 everyone!