January 4, 2011

Live It Again Moments

It's a new year, dear readers, and rather than give you a list of resolutions I'll likely never keep, I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane and tell you the ten things I wish I could experience for the first time again. We all have those moments, those experiences, those feelings that were so amazing, they can only be felt that way once.  And so, after much thought, and in no particular order, here are my...

Top 10 Wish-I-Could-Live-It-Again Moments

  • Staying up late, watching really bad, black and white, scary movies as a kid - The thrill of staying up past my bedtime on a Saturday night, struggling to keep my eyes open until the closing credits, and being scared by zombies was awesome.

  • Taking a road trip alone in Texas at night - I felt like I had discovered the secret to losing all stress, and quite possibly have never been so relaxed as an adult.  My hair was a mess and I didn't care.  My car was iffy on making the trip and I didn't care.  My bank account was low and I didn't care.  I was young and just didn't care about much.

  • The wonder of snow - White stuff fell from the sky and the first time I remember seeing real snow, I was mesmerized.  I felt as if I had stepped into an old movie, one in which people sang about their feelings and danced for no good reason. It was magical.

  • Riding a bicycle - For the first time, I had wheels!  OK, so I didn't know how to stop the thing, other than running it into the garage door (after laughing at me, my family showed me how to use the breaks), but the freedom I experienced was great.  I could go places!

  • Singing in front of a crowd - There is nothing so thrilling as singing in front of a group of people, but doing it for the first time, was electrifying. I made people smile simply by opening my mouth. That was a first. Usually opening my mouth did the opposite.

  • Entering and winning my first writing contest - I never expected to place, let alone win; when I did, I was elated. No one outside my trusted circle, not even my family, had read my writing. The rush I felt is hard to explain.

  • Buying my first vehicle on my own - The thrill of knowing exactly what I wanted, how much I was willing to pay, and negotiating a lower price than I thought I could was incredible. I left the dealership feeling like I could do anything.

  • Getting my first library card - Having a card of my own, with my name on it felt like I had been given the key to the entire library. They may as well have engraved my name above the door because I felt like I owned the place. I could check out anything I wanted without asking my mom to do it for me.

  • Owning my first computer - It was the future and I had to be part of it. My first had no hard drive, only 640K of memory, a 5.25" floppy drive, and didn't do much of anything, but I knew it was the beginning of an exciting love affair with technology. 

  • Seeing Jaws for the first time - I saw it in a small town in Texas in an outdoor movie theater where we sat in lawn chairs, and I have never been so frightened of something that truly existed. It was awesome. Swimming in the river was never the same again. 


  1. I loved this list! :) Thank you for sharing! I love your story about driving through Texas at night. I recently drove through the north of the state (West to East and then the other way on the return journey) and it was eerie but wonderful.

  2. Nice post! Much better than a resolutions list. I like the one about seeing Jaws for the first time the best. There are several movies I'd love to experience for the first time again; the wonder, the excitement, the thrill. You just can't get it back seeing it a second time. All are childhood movies, when special effects were really coming into their own.

  3. This is a neat idea for a post. :) The Texas drive sounds interesting. Glad the jackalopes didn't get you.

    I used to go bridge-jumping with my lifeguard buddies as a teen, and that was always a blast. I'm sure I'd be too wise (chicken) to do such things now.

  4. Stumbled across this and love it! Ah yes, my first library card. I felt so grown up. You're right about feeling like I had been given the key to the entire library. It was exhilarating for a nerdy kid who loved to read. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for bringing back a memory.

  5. Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars! If I could see Star Wars again for the first time...ahhh. ;-)