September 24, 2012

Slow Going, And It's OK

For anyone keeping track, you'll notice my weight didn't change last Monday. That isn't because I didn't weigh in or log my progress, it's because I didn't lose anything. I maintained for the week. It happens, even when I follow all the rules. Of course I'd rather lose something rather than nothing, but at least I didn't gain. This week I seem to be back to my 1 pound weight loss. I'll take it. Last week was stressful and hectic at work, but I did my best to stay healthy and it apparently paid off.

We're all going to have weeks when we don't lose anything or we gain back a pound or two. Sometimes it will be because we had some missteps during the week, and sometimes it will happen even when we do everything exactly right. No matter what the scales say, we have to keep exercising and eating right.

Last night I posted a new recipe in the Recipes section. Check it out when you have time. It's one of my favorites. I love Chinese food and this satisfies my craving while letting me control what goes into my dish. Prepared as posted, it tastes like something you get from a restaurant. Feel free to add veggies you enjoy. You can never go wrong with more veggies.

Good luck to everyone in the coming week!

September 10, 2012


I'm making slow, but steady progress in my goal to lose weight. I'll take 1 pound per week. It's a healthy rate at which to lose. How is everyone else doing? Are you hanging in there with me? Still losing?

This week I plan on posting a new recipe on my Recipes tab and a new post here about misleading food labels I've found recently. More later...