January 30, 2011

An Evening of Dumb Moves

How many dumb moves can one person make within a ten minute time period? Let's find out.

Dumb Move #1 - Opening my front door without first looking to see who was knocking after dark.

Dumb Move #2 - Assuming because I live in a small town, it's OK to open the door without looking to see who it is.

Dumb Move #3 - Standing with the door open as the innocent looking late teen/early 20's guy explains his program and need to ask me questions.

Dumb Move #4 - Answering his questions, which included telling him where exactly I work, what I do for a living, how long I've been there, etc. Oh and by the way, that there is no one else at home that he can talk to to ask these same questions.

Dawning realization that I'm making Dumb Moves...

Hmm. I just told this stranger I'm gone all day and that I might live alone. Time to cover myself, "Yeah, my boyfriend lives here too, but he's busy. He's freelances and works here out of the condo all day." (Um, no, that doesn't sound made up at all.) For all you potential stalkers, creepers, etc. out there, I have a big dog, a 6' 4" boyfriend, sleep with a gun under my pillow, and recently obtained my black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Test me.

It turned out the kid wanted to sell me magazines, and I'm assuming he's not planning on coming back to murder or rob me. Before any of you lecture me, my neighbor took care of that.

Lesson Learned - Always look to see who is knocking before answering the door after dark (or any time really), and never give out personal information to strangers, even in small town nowhere.


  1. Didn't anyone ever teach you about Stranger Danger? LOL! Don't talk to strangers girlie, it'll get you in trouble every time.

    Oh, and to all the creepers out there, let me say this...

    The dog is pit bull. The boyfriend is an ex-marine. She's a certified firearms specialist and crack shot. And the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu thing really hurts if you ask her to demonstrate on you, no matter how much bigger you are. Take my word for it.


  2. Mace. Pepper Spray. Wasp spray. Go for the eyes. Or better still, don't open the door. Can't be too careful these days. Too bad Rufus was at the vet that day. A pit bull lurking in the background would have been a good deterrent to any foul play the guy might have had in mind.

  3. @Hooka: "Wasp spray"? Sounds nasty. And Rufus? Nastier. LOL!

    @Christy: Being a 6'-4" guy, I sometimes forget what you women go thru. BE CAREFUL! And remember, those magazine subscriptions are never cheaper. So personal safety can save your pocketbook, too.

  4. @Steven64: Wasp spray works! My 70 year old mom tried it on an intruder. Haven't you heard about Rufus? He's one mean, nasty dog! She's safe. Oh, and you're a 6'4" guy? Making note to puny 5'7" self to not cross @Steven64, especially not on the moors.

    Seriously though, you're right. Women do have it tougher in some situations, and personal safety is one of them. Even 5'7" me has it easier just because I'm a guy.

  5. @Steven, I'm careful... most of the time. Just a momentary lapse on this one. ;-)

    @Hooka Looka, wasp spray sounds painful, so I guess that would work. Glad it did for your mom!

    @All, Rufus is currently back from the vet and meaner than ever! :-)

  6. @Christy...sometimes I have fun with salespeople that come to my door and other times I don't even let them say them "speech" I just say no thank you, not interested. My husband loves me answering the door because I can get rid of them in about 1 minute. Must be all those years as a Customer Service Rep.

  7. @Christy..oh and I look through my peephole alot now and don't answer if I don't know them, well sometimes I don't answer even if I know them and I am in my jammies and don't want visitors. :-)

  8. @Amanda, I've now heard enough lectures from friends and family that the peephole has become my best friend. LOL! I always look now before I open the door, and I have to admit I did have one time when I was in my jammies and tip toed to it and didn't answer even though I knew the person. When they looked straight at the the peephole, I was convinced they saw me, but they didn't. :-)