January 2, 2009

A Sunny Winter Day

After watching the noon news and seeing that more business roofs had collapsed, I looked out the window and saw blue sky and sunshine. It was a wonderful reminder that all is not bad. There is beauty in the midst of disaster. So I took my new camera out for a few pictures around the house.

Blue sky! Woohoo!

This little guy was very busy putting holes in my telephone pole. Probably not a good thing, but he sure was cute. Can you see him in all the brown on the pole?

Practicing close shots with the new camera.

This was taken from the end of my driveway facing up the hill.

And this was facing down the hill. As much as I hate shoveling the snow after the plows go by, I'm really grateful they have been plowing our hill regularly.

More blue sky; a very welcome sight.

Berries (life) in the snow.

Sunshine through the trees. Yahoo!

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