January 1, 2009

Black Eyed Peas and Good Luck

In Texas we have a tradition of eating plenty of black eyed peas on January 1 in order to have good fortune the rest of the year. I’ve done this most of my life. There were a couple of years when I was convinced that eating the peas actually brought me a bit of bad luck and I stopped, but we all know that’s just silly. Right? The peas can't bring luck, good or bad, can they? Why take the chance? Whether they do or don’t, I ate the peas today and enjoyed them. I love family traditions.

I hope everyone was able to indulge in their own family traditions today and hope 2009 brings all of you good fortune, whether you eat the peas or not.

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  1. Hi Christy,
    Love your new blog! Your posting about your roof at work made me think too. My office is in an old building with a flat roof. Better think about what items I might want to bring home.
    Write on....
    Sue O.